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It is essential to optimize your moving company’s website in order to fully achieve your potential as a company. The ultimate goal in any website is to produce leads and a poor website inhibits your ability to achieve the amount of leads your company desires. A good rule of thumb is to create a landing page for every keyword that you are trying to rank for on your website. This includes locations you serve and services you offer! You want people to be able to type something into Google and have your website pop up.

A fully optimized website has a few elements that can create a lead magnet for your potential customers. Those elements will be discussed in this article.

Location Pages

As a local company, you likely have a specific service area in which you are willing and able to serve. If you haven’t done so, identify the parameter of your service area so you know exactly the markets you are targeting. Once you have focused your target market then you will be able to start to hone in on the cities that are within your limits. When you create location pages you have the ability to display your service area to your potential customers, so they know which areas you company is able to serve. There really is no suggested limit as to how many location pages that you should have, but you definitely should have location pages for your main cities within your service area that typically have the largest population.

Each location page has the ability to show your customers that you serve multiple cities and you are willing to meet them where they are in order to provide your moving services. Each page should identify the target keyword, for example, “St. Louis Movers” so that your company has a better chance of popping up when somebody searches this keyword through a search engine such as Google. When you create a location page it is advised that you share with your potential customers the services that your moving company offers, the reason that you outshine your competition, your service area and then a call to action. You need to really convince them why they should call YOU instead of calling your competitor down the street. What makes you unique? And how can you clearly explain your uniqueness through written form?

Service Pages

Service pages are an essential component for any local business, because it details to the potential customer what exactly you can offer them. People want to know what type of services you will be providing so they know if your company matches up with their needs. If you don’t share your services then you will not rank for those keywords and people will have a difficult time finding you when they are trying to organically search for your business.

Some popular service pages for moving companies:

  • Residential movers
  • Commercial movers
  • Local movers
  • Long distance movers
  • Packing services

Every service page should be high quality content. You can’t just simply use Chat GPT and call it a day. Although AI can help in assisting with content, there shouldn’t be a time where you copy and paste. Readers want to hear from YOU and want to know what YOU have to say about your company. If you are having a robot write your content then it loses sense of personality. Although its helpful to write for Google, it is absolutely mandatory that you write for your audience.

Each service page should be comprised of internal and external links, should have images with proper file names, and optimized keywords. Don’t forget to mention the main city you are trying to target for within your service page. For example, “long distance movers in San Diego.” This will help people find your service in the area that they desire.

Reviews Page

People sometimes underestimate the need for reviews. You can fully optimize your website, plan out all of your social media, and build up your Google Business Profile, but without reviews you will go nowhere. Think about when you are considering a purchase, you research (especially if its a big purchase). Reviews help guide your potential customers and they encourage them to make the decision to hire you instead of your competitors. Getting reviews should be an important part of your marketing plan. It can’t be overstated the need for reviews.

The best way to showcase reviews on your website is by creating a reviews page that showcases all of your reviews in one spot. This can be a combination of your Yelp, Google, Facebook and Angi reviews all listed in one nice package. And don’t be afraid of “bad reviews” although nobody wants a bad review, in a small amount, they can actually legitimize your business. A reviews page should be featured on your navigation bar so that people are able to find it quickly.

Contact Page

Every moving company should have a contact page on their website. The contact page should share all of the ways that customers can contact you. Don’t make it difficult for potential customers to get a hold of you.

A contact page should have an interactive map with your office locations, phone numbers, and a contact form where customers can email you directly.

Links to Social Media Handles

It is essential in this day in age to develop a social media presence. Your moving company should have at least a Facebook and Linkedin, but ideally, you should also have an Instagram and a YouTube. Not only should you be keeping your social media updated but then you should share your social media handles on your website. The handles should be located in at least the footer of your website.


Videos are a great way to optimize your website. If you have a video that is high-quality and is specific to your moving company then it is best to find a way to incorporate it into your content, landing pages, or homepage hero.

Unique Images

We get it, stock images are super easy and convenient, but when it comes to your moving company you need to find a way to get unique images. Low quality unique images are actually better than stock images (but try to avoid low quality). It is really important that you find a time to snap a few pictures so that they can be used throughout your website. Pictures are used for ads, website content, homepage, Google Business Profile, and even social media. What pictures do you want to represent your company?

Here are some ideas of pictures to take:

  • Different views of your truck
  • The team during various parts of the moving journey
  • Packing up different belongings
  • Dismantling a piano or other large piece of furniture
  • Moving an office and residential location (bonus points if its a well-known establishment)

Your customers want to see who they are going to be trusting with their belongings, so, show them who is the face of the company.

Contact a Marketing Team

Creating a fully optimized website can get a little overwhelming. It is difficult to focus on running a business while also desperately trying to create a profitable website. That is why here at Risely we encourage our clients to handle their business and we handle their website. Our team is highly trained to create a fully-optimized website that generates leads.


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