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How SEO Doubled This Moving Companies Website Leads

At the center of every small business is a loyal group of local customers. That’s why Risely loves working with local business owners who have a direct impact on their surrounding communities, to help them grow their presence online and build their reputation. More specifically, we pride ourselves on working with local moving companies by creating and implementing world class marketing solutions that get them the #1 spot on search engine results pages, like Google.

Why? Because each year, 32 million people in the United States moved. That’s 10.1% of the resident population. And because one of our markets, San Diego, is expected to continue growing well into the future, reaching a projected 1.9 million people by 2050, or a 49% increase from 2000.  That’s why we didn’t hesitate when Best Fit Movers came to us for help with driving new online leads in the San Diego metro area.
Moving trucks for a marketing case study article

After working together to determine their core values and goals, our marketing experts at Risely created a strategy to enhance their search engine optimization (SEO), expand their content, and update their website — ensuring they consistently rank on the first page of Google for San Diego moving company search terms.

Interested in learning more? Read below to see what we did to grow their brand in San Diego and to see the amazing results we achieved while working with Best Fit Movers!

Brand new website

Your web design should be custom to your business and you should avoid using templates, so your local business doesn’t look like every other business out there that does the same thing. With so many other companies to choose from, your website needs to stand out in order to secure those leads that are looking for your services. With this in mind, we designed and launched a brand new website for Best Fit Movers that included:

  • Custom and easy-to-use contact forms
  • Easy-to-navigate menus
  • Local optimized content that is designed to attract their target audience and target geographical area
  • Customer reviews that stand out
  • Optimized images and meta data
  • Blog posts based on their industry’s trends
  • And more
custom moving company website
Best Fit Movers needed SEO to grow their business in the highly competitive market of San Diego.

Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to increase organic traffic from the search engine back to your site. It involves making strategic changes to your content, photos, links, etc. so that search engines like Google, increase your rankings and display your site towards the top of the page of a Google search.

The average position of keywords for Best Fit Movers has increased +72.60 since starting with us in October 2019.\

Because people turn to Google when researching moving companies in their area, if your website isn’t displaying in the top few results of a Google search, you are losing potential customers. That is why it’s important to keep track of organic visibility and rankings in the local map results too. Both showed an incredible increase as we continued to focus on SEO.

Best Fit Movers ranks #3 on Googles local map pack for the search term “san diego movers”

When it came to helping Best Fit Movers display in their local search results, we focused on improving the keywords used on their website. Keywords are important because they are the terms individuals are using to search on Google.

For Best Fit Movers, we researched the top keywords for the moving industry in and around San Diego and made sure to create new, keyword-rich content specific to their growth markets in San Diego and the surrounding communities.

The majority of keywords used on the Best Fit Movers website rank in the top 10 searches on Google. The average position of keywords for Best Fit Movers has increased +72.60 since starting with us in October 2019.

Expanding local content

When it comes to your website, first impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to have a site that is full of helpful information and content related to your users. Nothing makes a user click off of your site faster than not having enough relevant information they need to determine if you are the right choice for them.

Moving company SEO article

One area we focused on was their local website and landing pages. Best Fit Movers started in San Diego and quickly started serving the surrounding communities and cities. To stand out in these areas and rank higher in Google, we created landing pages on their website specific to each city. These pages make it easy for a user to see if Best Fit Movers covers where they live and what services they offer.

After getting them to rank # 1 -10 for those cities, we worked to create Ultimate Guides for their service areas, as well. Another area of content we focused on was their blog. If you are a moving company and you want users to stay on your site by offering helpful information, a blog is key to doing just that. Blogging is, and will remain, an essential part of your strategy to reach your audience.

According to HubSpot you have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature a blog as part of your website. It’s the human angle of your business and where you explore your audience’s issues and concerns.

Because of this, we focused on creating keyword-rich blog posts that used high quality photos to share the top moving tips and tricks, as well as industry news to make moving easier and less stressful – the ultimate goal of a moving company for their customers.

Consistent contact information

Last but not least, and certainly just as important as the other strategies, we worked to improve their website with the little updates that matter the most. These are things like:

  • Company contact information across their website, Google profile, and social media profiles
  • Dedicated pages to each moving service offered
  • Reviews from Google, Yelp, BBB, and Facebook
  • And more!

Having this detailed information is crucial. It pulls all of the other areas of your website together and allows search engines to find you and rank you higher in the search results. It also creates a level of trust with your users and makes it easy for them to figure out if you are the right company to hire.

Rankings and keyword results

So how did we do? Best Fit Movers set out with a goal to expand their business and grow their online leads. After 1.5+ years of working with us, Best Fit Movers has not turned to any other medium to drive new leads. In fact, we’ve seen a 100% increase in leads and calls YoY, along with a 350% increase in Google traffic.

moving-company-seo-case-study-leads (1)
In addition to the great source of traffic, organic (free) leads more than doubled in a year!

But the best is not over. As the moving industry continues to grow and SEO protocol continually evolves, so do our marketing strategies – resulting in a continuous growth of traffic to their website and increase in lead generation. Best Fit Movers even decided to expand their business into new areas and have recently added Google Ads Management to their services to create even more brand awareness.

Over the course of a little more than a year we increased SEO traffic more than 300%

That is why our team is dedicated to being experts in many industries. We work with businesses within storage, landscaping, auto repair, roofing and more.

We started with a simple idea; put customer service first and always deal with local business owners honestly. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of clients grow their business. We take pride in working with you from day one and building your trust.

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