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This Moving Company Doubled Calls from Google Maps

If there’s one name that’s changed the way we think of online marketing, it’s Google. That’s why Risely Marketing has worked hard to master Google’s tools and profiles for local businesses.

One industry that requires a complete marketing strategy is moving and storage. From a great website, to solid customer reviews, to a complete sales process, great movers understand how to grow. And even moving companies that are already successful can reach the next level through digital marketing campaigns to optimize their Google Business Profile.

Take Olde World Movers, a trusted local moving company in Texas with over three decades in business. Even with awards, accreditations, and a near-perfect customer review score from hundreds of ratings, Olde World Movers was ready to grow their Google Business Profile and engage a larger audience.

As experts in local and state-wide moving for homes and businesses, they’re the go-to choice for loads of customers from different backgrounds. What’s common among all these folks is they usually turn to Google to find their next moving company.

How We Set This Profile Up for Success

Just like a company’s website, BBB page, or social media accounts, their Google Business Profile should function like a snapshot of the brand. We filled it out with essential information about the company, their hours of operation, and their contact details. But didn’t stop there. We pushed their profile’s even further, including dozens of services, products, photos, and key information.

The results were impressive. Customers were able to find the location easily on Google maps, and make contact with a single click. In addition, we used the profile to promote monthly posts, keeping it active in Google maps searches, while constantly showcasing their services, customer service, and capabilities.

Over 9,100 views came in during the last part of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 – this was a over a 200% increase compared to the same time last year. This engagement came complete with valuable insights and statistics covering key points to support the client’s future marketing strategy, including:

  • List of keywords that fueled the most searches
  • Percentage of clicks via platform and source
  • Increases in views and searches from one year prior

We worked to provide the consistent, polished content and regular updates to make this profile a view and lead magnet. You can see a more detailed breakdown of the engagement itself below, which includes the following data points:

From September 2023 to January 2024, the client saw a notable engagement on their profile, totaling 842 interactions. Initially, the activity was moderate, but there was a noticeable uptick in interactions as the months progressed. Particularly after December, the increase in engagement was steady, reflecting growing interest and visibility among their audience.

The engagements on the client’s profile translated into significant online traffic, with 229 clicks directed to their website. This figure represents a more than 250% increase compared to the previous year, indicating a substantial growth in user interest. Such a surge in clicks not only highlights the effectiveness of their recent strategies but also sets a new benchmark in their online presence compared to the past year.

Last, but arguably the most impressive of all, their Google Business Profile improvements led to 164 new calls made to their profile, a 178% increase compared to last year.

At a time when customers are being more selective with their business dealings and competition is plentiful, it’s crucial to boost discovery as much as possible. Thanks to their decision to use their Google Business Profile as managed by Risely Marketing, the talented relocation experts at Olde World Movers are serving more customers than ever before.

What This Means for the Company’s Future

The influx of calls, engagement, and page views all provide recurring benefits for them. Every increase their Google Business Profile generates for their site and their business creates the potential for residual and compounding benefits, including:

  • Better search engine rankings as their pages get more attention
  • More referrals, as new customers spread the word
  • Improved brand development to new and existing customers

These profiles aren’t just awesome for generating leads; they do so much more. They help businesses boost their image, grow their fan base, and get recognized for the great work they’re doing.

Instead of just sticking to the usual marketing stuff, this company decided to try something fresh and super effective. And guess what? It totally worked! The clicks and calls haven’t stopped rolling in.

A New Approach to a Timeless Business Objective

“In the competitive landscape of business, the ideal scenario for any company is to have a consistent influx of inquiries. This opportunity allows organizations to demonstrate their expertise and concurrently enhance their revenue streams.

The efficacy of a Google Business Profile in presenting a brand, expanding its market presence, and cultivating high-quality leads establishes it as an indispensable asset. This innovative methodology serves a fundamental objective common to all businesses: acquiring new clients and fostering engagement.

Olde World Movers knows all about this combination of customer service and professionalism. By combining an old world approach to customer service with modern moving methods, they help countless customers throughout Fort Worth, Frisco, Euless, and more.

Now they’ll expand their reach and grow their reputation by helping many more people on their moving journey – a journey that can span hundreds of miles, all of it starting with a single Google search.