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Local SEO Tips to Adapt Your Website for iOS 8

Local SEO Tips to Adapt Your Website for iOS8

Is it possible to adapt your website for iOS 8 to get it to perform better on search engines?

In the first few months of this year, the 500 millionth iPhone was sold. On the sales launch weekend of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in the US, Apple sold 10 million iPhones.

These numbers don’t even include the millions of iPads and Apple’s other mobile devices out there. As iOS 8 is the latest software these devices run on, it is important to make sure you follow local SEO tips to adapt your website for iOS 8. This will ensure that you get more website traffic (and customers) from iPhone and iPad users who spend more than Android users…


1. Optimize your website for mobile devices:

The requisite to driving mobile traffic through any search engines is to have a mobile friendly site. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices and you work hard to drive traffic through search engines, then all your effort will be worthless as people will just find your website hard to navigate through and in the process abandon it. Also, search engines like Google take factors like user satisfaction while ranking sites on search engines, so mobile optimization could play a vital role too.

You can learn more about optimizing your site for mobile devices by reading this post.


2. Use local mobile friendly keywords:

Do your research and find out what local keywords iPhone and iPad users are typing on their mobile devices while searching for websites in your niche? Then skilfully weave these keywords in the content on your website. Include zip code, city, prominent landmarks and other local keywords.


3. Improve website loading speed:

ios8 iphone seo

You need to ensure that your website loads quickly not only because it is a search ranking algorithm, but also because iPhones which run on iOS 8 are the fastest smart phones. These users expect your website to be as fast as their phone, so make sure that your website loads faster by taking the necessary steps. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, frustrated iPhone users will leave yours and visit your competitors’.

Follow the above local SEO tips to adapt your website for iOS 8.

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