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google major core update

The March 2024 update by Google is a big one. And while we try not to cover every small update Google rolls out (they do hundreds of smaller updates each year), this is definitely one we feel is important to talk about. Why? In short, this impacts millions of keywords and prioritizes high-quality, helpful information more than ever before. Here’s what you need to know and how Risely can guide your business through these changes.

First, it’s important to review exactly what Google said in their blog.

Today we announced the March 2024 core update. This is designed to improve the quality of Search by showing less content that feels like it was made to attract clicks, and more content that people find useful. We also shared that we have new spam policies to better handle the practices that can negatively impact Google’s search results. In this post, we’ll go into more detail for creators about both the update and the spam policies.

AI has brought so many opportunities to the marketing for local businesses. But one thing is has done is make it easier than ever to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of pages of low quality blogs, articles, and content. We see this announcement as focusing on targeting AI generated content, as well as low quality spam links and link farms.

Key Highlights of the Update:

  • Rewarding Quality Content: Content that genuinely assists and informs users will rank higher in search results. Websites with comprehensive, relevant content have seen up to a 50% boost in user engagement. For local businesses that means every page should have strong internal and external links, reviews, local information, photos, and even videos if possible.
  • Tightening Rules on AI-Generated Content: Google is cracking down on content that lacks a personal touch or real value. Google says their algorithm has now identified 30% of web content was identified as AI-generated, prompting a stricter review process. AI is great for generating outlines and ideas, but try to avoid copy + pasting directly from programs like ChatGPT.

Our 2 Main Takeaways

There’s a lot to digest in the latest Google update, but two things jumped out at our team after reviewing everything this morning. We also continue to see clients like Olde World Movers and Dallas Door Designs rocket higher in local and organic rankings.

Emphasize Quality Over Quantity

Create content that answers your audience’s questions in a meaningful way. User engagement can increase by 40% when content directly addresses their needs and concerns. Share how you are involved in your local community, why local customers can trust you, and don’t create 100 new pages before you make the pages you already have great.

Personalize the User Experience

Understand your customer’s journey and tailor your content to fit their specific needs. Websites that personalize content experiences see a 70% increase in customer satisfaction. As your services and service area grows, keep the quality high. From your backlinks to your content, don’t lower your standards as you scale your business.

Risely’s Strategy for Success

This update is still rolling out, and so we aren’t exactly sure how it’s going to shake out yet, but our team always rely’s on data and high quality strategies for our clients. We use advanced analytics to measure the effectiveness of content, ensuring it aligns with Google’s updated standards. Our team develops targeted content strategies that resonate with your audience and comply with SEO best practices.

  • Keeping content fresh and relevant is key. Regular updates and revisits to your content strategy can help your business stay ahead.
  • Focusing on ethical SEO practices ensures long-term success and compliance with Google’s guidelines.

The Google March 2024 update emphasizes the importance of quality and relevance in digital content. At Risely, we’re committed to helping your business navigate these changes effectively. By focusing on creating impactful, user-centric content, we can turn these updates into opportunities for growth and enhanced online visibility.

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Ben Wright

CEO at Risely

Ben is the Founder and CEO of Risely. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.


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