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Website Design & Management for Local Businesses

We are an award winning web design company serving local businesses nationwide.

With just a few seconds at most to make a lasting impression on your visitors, your local business website has to capture their attention and draw them in. After all, first impressions do matter – especially when the online market is as oversaturated and as competitive as it is right now. With so many other companies to choose from, your website needs to stand out in order to secure those leads that are looking for your services.

At Risely, we develop custom websites so your business will stand out amongst your competitors. Our process is collaborative and is based on what you need us to design and develop. We want to listen to you first. Then, we will craft a beautiful custom-made website that looks pixel-perfect on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices – even across different operating systems like Android and iOS.

local business website design

Your web design should be custom to your business and avoid using templates. Why? Because using a template for your web design makes your local business look like every other business out there that does the same thing. Yes, you may think that using a template will be easier to navigate, save you time and allow you to adjust things quickly, but having a custom built website will be better for your business in the long run. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Templates force your business to fit their mold by putting restrictions on colors, calls-to-action and layouts
  • Using a template means your local company could resemble another business nearby
  • Many templates are poorly coded, meaning that glitches are frequent and hard to diagnose and most of them aren’t optimized for mobile devices

Here at Risely, we’re experts in helping local companies grow their businesses. That’s why we know how important it is for your website to be well-designed and custom built so it can convert visitors into leads.

Our Web Design Services

We understand that there are a lot of important factors and design needs that go into building a website that will drive leads. Here are just some of the design areas we focus on for local business websites:

  • Custom and easy-to-use contact forms
  • Easy-to-navigate menus
  • Local optimized content that is designed to attract your target audience and target geographical area
  • Customer reviews that stand out
  • Optimized images and meta data
  • Blog posts based on your industry’s trends
  • Inventor lists
  • Logo design
  • And more

local business web design

That’s just the beginning! Our website development process is different. We start with listening to you first, before we even begin design work. Want to learn more? Here are 3 steps that we take our clients through:

1st – Open Discussion

  • We take the goals you have told us about and perform an in-depth discussion to find out what you would like to achieve from the website and how you would like your business to be perceived online.
  • Next, we discuss which areas of your business are most profitable, or which areas you would prefer to promote. We will also work with any branding or color scheme you have in mind, or even design a logo for you.
  • Finally we review your budget. We don’t want to propose our clients an expensive website when they have a tight budget; but, whatever the budget, the investment in your website should pay you back if done correctly.

2nd – Implementation

We will first select a website look, feel, and layout that fits your type of business. We will then begin to create customized pages based on the information from our initial interview. Finally, we will tailor your site with local SEO to the geographic area that your clients come from.

During this process, we suggest that you participate in one of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) programs. Traditionally, this is a more cost effective approach and tends to yield a higher ROI (Return on Investment) than simply running Google Ads alone.

Image of a team working to build a local business website

Our process for website design has several benefits, particularly for local business. It will:

  • Increase the site relevance in nationwide and local search
  • Increase the amount of traffic to the site from organic search engines like Google
  • Improve engagement and reduce the potential bounce rate (customers clicking on your site and then leaving because it’s not relevant)
  • Improve leads from your website through conversion rate optimization

3rd – Publishing

We review the final draft of the website with you to ensure that all expectations are met. Without your support, nothing can be accomplished. After all, you know your business better than we do.

After your new website is live, we will add any tools or code that is needed to ensure we are tracking your site and are able to send you accurate monthly reports. This could include call tracking software, Google analytics, Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools), and more. We will also continually update content on your website to ensure that it consistently ranks and shows on search engine result pages.

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