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This Landscaping Business Increased Facebook Traffic by 300%

Social media is essential in order to maintain an active and trusted online presence. It allows you to engage with your past, current and future customers while building your brand to be the most sought-after business in the industry. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn or other social platforms, this is where your customers are connecting with local businesses like yours, every single day.

There are billions of active users on Facebook. And surprisingly, more than 50% of those log in each day. As a business owner, you must stay as current as possible in order to be seen by the potential customers that are online and to maintain credibility.

But how do you know if your social presence is working and resonating with customers? You have to measure the data. Whether it’s your post engagement, total reach or number of referrals you receive, you must have a social media strategy in place that can be measured.

So, when Outdoor Home Living approached us in April for help with their Facebook Marketing, we couldn’t pass it up! Just like Risely, they deliver a distinct level of quality that their clients have come to expect.

For the entire scope of the project, they provide unmatched quality and continuity to ensure they exceed expectations. While they already receive a ton of new customers from recommendations on Facebook, they realized that they need to be more active to keep their customer base engaged so they could keep growing.

This is where Risely comes in. In today’s world, social media is ever-evolving. This means it’s key to stay up-to-date on which platforms are best for your company goals and to stay in-the-know on how social algorithms work.

With all of our clients, we take a customer-centric approach and create a customized strategy to increase social engagement and drive referrals.

Interested in learning more? Read below to see what we did to grow their brand and to see the amazing results we achieved while working with Outdoor Home Living!

Page Reach

One of the first things we do when setting up a marketing strategy is determine what we will measure and which social channels your business should leverage. For this client, we used a combination of new photos, text and helpful links to update their Facebook page and increase their number of page likes after being stagnant for months on-end.

Facebook Page Followers for Landscaping Company
Growth of Facebook page followers in 2019

By looking at the red line in the graph above, you can see when we started putting our strategies into action and how their page likes have continued to grow ever since.

Post Reach & Engagement

Once we updated their Facebook page, we shifted our focus to their posts. It is important to use a variety of fresh content and graphics and to set up sponsored posts and paid advertising as needed. This will keep your brand circulating in your customers’ feeds, while avoiding posting the same content over and over again.

Post Reach on Facebook for Local Landscaping Page
Organic and paid reach before and after

Or as we like to call it in marketing terms, avoiding cross-posting. How would you react if you saw a company post the same image and caption every other day? You’d most likely get bored of it, disengage and maybe even unfollow them. As a business, this is exactly what you want to prevent from happening when posting to your social accounts.

Facebook Fan Page Details for Local Business
How we increased their social media profile on Facebook

By keeping their content fresh and up-to-date, we were able to increase Outdoor Home Living’s reach by 160% with the average post reaching 291 users. And that was within just one month between April and May of this year.

Website Traffic

It’s a common practice in social media to rely on soft metrics. And while we drove metrics like, shares on Facebook and page/post likes, we also drove real customers off of Facebook and back to the company’s website where they have the opportunity to discover the Outdoor Home Living brand in-depth and everything they have to offer.

Website Traffic to Landscaping Page
Website traffic from Facebook vs. the prior year

By looking at the blue line in the monthly traffic graph above and the traffic from Facebook below, you can see that we helped Outdoor Home Living increase the number of new users on their site by 172% between April and August.

Website traffic from Facebook shown in Google Analytics
211% increase in mobile visitors and 167% increase overall

The more you drive traffic to your website, the more opportunities you have to generate qualified leads and ultimately sell your product or service, gain a new customer, and continue to grow your business.

Overall Results

So, how did we do overall? It’s incredible to see that in just six short months, we increased the reach of their Facebook page by 300% and more than doubled traffic to their website. The posts are much more engaging and the work speaks for itself. Check out a recent example of a post that reached more than 2,000 people.

Example of a Facebook Post for a Landscaping Company
Example of a great post for a local landscaping company

But the best part isn’t over yet. We continue to see an increase in their social reach and website traffic. Just like social media is ever-evolving, our strategies only get better over time, just like their results.

That is why our team is dedicated to being experts in many industries. We work with businesses within landscaping, moving companies, auto repair shops, roofers and more.

We started with a simple idea; put customer service first and always deal with local business owners honestly. Since 2012, we have helped hundreds of clients grow their business. We take pride in working with you from day one and building your trust.

Ready to partner with us and grow your social media presence? We would love to help.