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How One Dallas Business Boosted Google SEO Traffic 336%

How One Business Boosted Google Traffic 336%

Local Business SEO Rankings

Dallas Door Designs is a family owned and operated door company in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2012, they have remained dedicated to providing high-quality products and services. This has allowed them to grow to suit the needs of their clients, whether residential or commercial, in the professional door and design space.

Like many companies, Dallas Door Designs had a plan, a vision, and a passion for what they do. They worked to build their reputation, build clientele, and respond to the needs of their customers. For years, Dallas Door Designs sought to be a trusted name when it came to home-improvement projects and worked hard to deliver dependable customer service and professional workmanship.


In 2016, Dallas Door Designs decided to take a step for their company that not every company takes. They realized that marketing and advertising has changed profoundly in the digital age, even since the year they were founded.

They understood they needed to find a way to position their company on the cutting edge of technology in order to expand their business and launch them ahead of their competitors.

Once they made this decision, the growth was amazing. By 2017, Dallas Door Designs were realizing huge gains and seeing business success in online traffic for their website which they never would have imagined only a year prior.

Their newly gained website traffic and buzz directly led to new customers, high-end orders, and many new doors sold. Here are the questions we are going to answer today.

  • How did they see an increase in Google traffic of over 350%?
  • How did they realize a 416% increase of unique visitors to their site?
  • What did they do to start seeing their company ranked as the #1 listing on Google for searches such as “barn doors Dallas,” “Dallas doors Texas,” and “door company Dallas?”

The secret is in the sauce and for the past year, this particular door company has been enjoying the meal. The good news for your business – is that you can hire the chef as well.

Voted a Top Local Agency in Dallas by UpCity, this local media company came alongside Dallas Door Designs, highlighted the great work that they were already doing, and helped them broaden their online footprint.

Image of Positive Business Review

Signing up for Risely’s services in May 2016, Dallas Door Designs would realize positive increased gains in the course of only a year. Now, let’s talk about their strategy.


The primary services Risely furnished were Web Design, Local SEO, and some Google AdWords. Additionally, Risely provided:

  • New Logo Design
  • New WordPress Website
  • SEO Optimization
  • Quick loading website
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Easy to contact setup
  • Forms readily available and automatically connected to CRM
  • Optimization and creation of some social media profiles
  • Addition of some online citations
  • Increased online rankings

Before Risely, their grand total of online reviews had capped out at 2 total between Google, Facebook, Yelp. They now have 17 reviews on Facebook, 6 reviews on Yelp, and 5 on Google.

With an increased online presence, Dallas Door Designs is happy to receive multiple 5* reviews in Facebook. This was actually one of the most surprising catalysts to their SEO rankings boost. Once the Facebook reviews started coming in, you could see the traffic increase.

Image of 5 Star Review

Image of Image of 5 Star Review

Image of Great 5 Star Review

Image of Happy 5 Star Review

Dallas Door Designs is now more visible to the online community in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex and remains primed for success.


An increase in online reviews was not the only positive gain for Dallas Door Designs. Google reports showing activity for the website, traffic, and clicks for both analytics and rankings were off the charts.

Below is their Google ranking report from May 2016 – July 2017. As you can see, they expanded their share of all local searches in their category to an incredible 23%. This was an increase of 597% from the beginning of the period to the end.

image of Google Rankings

Digging deeper into the analytics, and tracking google keyword searches, Dallas Door Designs show up as the #1, #2, or #3 website on 24 tracked keywords such as “doors in Dallas tx,” “entry doors Dallas,” and “exterior doors dallas tx.”

Their Google Analytics report was just as strong. Showing only Google organic traffic from June 2016 – July 2017 compared with the same month from the previous year, Dallas Door Designs received massive gains and an increase of 351% traffic between those two periods.

Image of Comparison of Year vs. Year Organic Traffic in Analytics

As an example, comparing the online traffic of March 2016 with March 2017, online traffic went from 277 visits to 1,432 visits – a 416% increase between the two months in one year.


Hiring a professional local media company might be one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make for your business. Think of it like a megaphone for your brand – telling more people about the great work that you do. Dallas Door Designs and many others have been happy they made that call.

Through website design, SEO, Google Adwords and more, Risely has assisted Dallas Door Designs online – which turned into real dollars and cents – to become easier to find, easier to navigate, and easier to interact with.

This left them free to do what they do best – providing quality doors all over the metroplex.

Set up your free consultation today. Find out how Risely can bring similar success to your business and bring your dreams for your company – and your life – closer into reach.