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With just a few seconds at most to make a lasting impression on your visitors, your local moving company website has to capture their attention and draw them in. After all, first impressions do matter – especially when the moving market is as oversaturated and as competitive as it is right now. With so many other companies to choose from, your website needs to stand out in order to secure those leads that are looking for your services.

Customers view a website as a basis for how the company will conduct their business. If done right, this could turn targeted audiences into potential customers. An easily navigated website and impressive user interface can result in better revenue and therefore better business.

A well-designed website is clean, concise, easy to navigate, functional, branded and has the information a consumer is looking for upfront. Some of the best websites are usually the simplest. Adding too much text, graphics and fancy styling can actually turn away customers instead of impress them because all of that added stuff just makes your website harder to read and harder for the information to be absorbed. Keep it simple and you will see greater results.

Your web design should also be custom to your business and avoid using templates. Why? Because using a template for your web design makes your local moving company look like every other business out there that does the same thing. Yes, you may think that using a template will be easier to navigate, save you time and allow you to adjust things quickly, but having a custom built website will be better for your business in the long run. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Templates force your business to fit their mold by putting restrictions on colors, calls-to-action and layouts
  • Using a template means your local moving company could resemble another business nearby because so many other sites are using the same format. Having a custom built website instead ensures that your website remains unique to your brand
  • Many templates are poorly coded meaning that glitches are frequent and hard to diagnose and most of them aren’t optimized for mobile devices

Here at Risely, we’re experts in helping local moving companies grow their businesses. That’s why we know how important it is for your website to be well-designed and custom built so it can convert visitors into leads. It’s also why we know how to pick out a good website from the list of bad ones – and what it is that actually makes those websites good.

Let’s dive in.

What is a good website?

A well-designed website should be easy to follow, have a clear objective and be concise in its pages and content. It should be upfront in its information about who the business is, what they offer and how to get in touch with them. But most importantly, it’s mobile responsive, meaning that it automatically adjusts and is fully functional on every screen size.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of well-designed moving company websites from Risely and what makes them stand out from their competitors.

Best Fit Movers

Best Fit Movers Web Design

When you take a look at this website, what do you see? You see their branded name and logo, the best phone number to reach them, what their business is and what locale they serve, an easy-to-follow navigation menu and a simple moving quote form. You also see that their colors and font are brand-specific and easy on the eye.

From the moment this website loads, customers have most of the information they need to determine if this company is right for them and if they want to dig a little deeper into their website. And if they decide they want to dig a little deeper, it’s clear from the main menu where they can find what other information they may be looking for.

Best Fit Movers Local Content

This website also does a great job in localizing its content. From including local-specific headlines, to a localized photo and detailed information, Best Fit Movers proves that they are a leader in the industry and know their service area like the back of their hand by taking the time to write unique content for each of their service area pages.

Moving Proz

Moving Proz Web Design

With an even simpler website than the one above, Moving Proz gets straight to the point. Here’s what makes this website stand out:

  • Their company name is well defined in their logo
  • They are clear with the services they offer and which locales they serve
  • Their “GET A QUOTE” button provides an easy way to contact them
  • The navigation menu clearly defines the type of information a customer will find on their site
  • The graphic is branded and further defines the types of services they offer
  • The colors and font are brand-specific and easy to read
  • There isn’t a lot of added text just to fill up the page
  • Their site is mobile responsive and looks great on a phone or tablet

It’s all in the details. And because this website took the time to consider the little things, it’s no wonder they stand out from their other competitors in Kansas City.

Olde World Movers

Olde World Movers Web Design

Even though Olde World Movers has been in business for 30 years, that doesn’t mean their website has to look like it too. No matter how trusted a reputation your local moving company builds for itself in your community, it’s still important to keep your website updated so that new generations and individuals moving to your town that don’t know you, want to know you.

Here’s why Olde World Movers continue to grow and help individuals move in North Texas:

  • Their company name is well defined in their logo and includes a slogan specific to them
  • Their multiple locations stand out with easy ways to contact whichever is better for you
  • They provide a form to get a free estimate that is detailed but still simple and quick to use
  • Their menu is clear in showcasing the other important information on their site
  • They list the different accreditations and associations they are a part of to instill trust
  • Their site is mobile responsive and looks great on a phone or tablet

Olde World Movers Home Page

And better yet, they even clearly define the different services they offer right on their homepage with personalized images and content to go along with it.

All Star Movers and Storage

All Star Movers and Storage Web Design

Like we’ve mentioned before, a well-designed website is simple, to the point and branded. Take All Star Movers and Storage for example. Their company name is in their logo, they include the best phone number to reach them, they provide a simple estimate form and their site is mobile-friendly. But what makes them really stand out? They use a real-life photo of their company branded truck “in action” as the main image on their website. Why does this matter? Because it makes their website feel more personal. Instead of using a stock image, which most individuals can spot instantly, they let customers get a feel for what to expect on moving day. From the size of the truck to how it will be set up for loading and unloading, this image gives the customer a glimpse into their moving experience.

All Star Movers Service Page

They also use an image to specify the areas they serve. By using an image of a map with highlighted areas, it’s easy for a user to spot whether or not they live in the parameters instead of having to read a long list of community and town names before finding out this company can’t even help them.

Top Dog Movers

Top Dog Movers Web Design

When it’s time to move, people want to know that your company can help them. And most of the time, they want to know that information before they pick up the phone. At Top Dog Movers, they understood that need and did something about it. When a user visits their homepage, they not only will get a feel for who they are or be provided with an easy-to-use contact form, but they will also learn right off the bat the different services Top Dog Movers has to offer. From residential moving, to commercial moving, local moving and more, visitors to their site don’t have to look too far or click multiple times throughout their website to find out if they can help them.

Top Dog Movers Home Page

Customers can also see why Top Dog Movers stand out and why they should choose them. When businesses take the time to think about what makes them different from their competitors and why customers should choose to work with them, it shows that they care about the details.

Keeping a website simple, clean, and concise goes a long way for the user to enjoy their experience. Stating clearly what services your moving company has to offer and giving a clear call to action on the homepage can answer most, if not all of the questions a customer might have and gives them the push they need to book you for their move. But having a web design that is custom built and specific to your brand is even more important because it allows you to be in control over the creativity and really showcase what your local moving company is all about.

Not sure how to get started with building a website that will convert visitors into leads? Let the experts at Risely help! Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.

Ben Wright

CEO at Risely

Ben is the Founder and CEO of Risely. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.


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