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It is essential to optimize your moving company’s website in order to fully achieve your potential as a company. The ultimate goal in any website is to produce leads and a poor website inhibits your ability to achieve the amount of leads your company desires. 

A fully optimized website has a few elements that can create a lead magnet for your potential customers. Those elements will be discussed in this article. 

Location Pages

You need specific location pages for all of the cities that you have offices. For example, if you have 4 offices then you need a location page for each of those office locations. The office location pages should be jam packed with amazing service and city information. The page should include pictures, an embedded map and a Call to Action.

Service Pages

In addition to location pages, you need services pages. Services pages should be all of the services that you would like to rank for in Google. 

Some popular service pages for moving companies;

  • Residential movers
  • Commercial movers
  • Local movers
  • Long distance movers
  • Packing services

Each service page should have high-quality content including internal & external links, and unique images with proper file names.

Reviews Page

A full page should be dedicated to all of the positive reviews that can be found on your various citations such as Google and Yelp. Go through and find the best reviews and share them on your website. Customers base their decisions on the reviews that your company has received. 

Contact Page

Every moving company should have a contact page on their website. The contact page should share all of the ways that customers can contact you. Don’t make it difficult for potential customers to get a hold of you. 

A contact page should have an interactive map with your office locations, phone numbers, and a contact form where customers can email you directly. 

Links to Social Media Handles

It is essential in this day in age to develop a social media presence. Your moving company should have at least a Facebook and Linkedin, but ideally, you should also have an Instagram and a Youtube. Not only should you be keeping your social media updated but then you should share your social media handles on your website. The handles should be located in at least the footer of your website. 


Videos are a great way to optimize your website. If you have a video that is high-quality and is specific to your moving company then it is best to find a way to incorporate it into your content, landing pages, or homepage hero. 

Unique Images

If you can, avoid stock images. Stock images don’t do as well as unique images. Images should include pictures of the moving trucks, packing belongings, moving supplies, and the movers. It is important for the images to be in high-resolution and ideally would be professionally done. 

Contact a Marketing Team

Creating a fully optimized website can get a little overwhelming. It is difficult to focus on running a business while also desperately trying to create a profitable website. That is why here at Risely we encourage our clients to handle their business and we handle their website. Our team is highly trained to create a fully-optimized website that generates leads. 

Ben Wright

CEO at Risely

Ben is the Founder and CEO of Risely. He founded the company in 2012 after he saw a need in the marketplace for a more personalized delivery of marketing services with a focus on customer service.


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